Voorhees College Songs


College Hymn

We Build our school on thee, O Lord
To thee we bring our common need,
The loving heart, the helpful word,
The tender thought, the kindly deed

We work together in thy sight,
We live together in thy love,
Guide thou our faltering steps aright,
And lift our thoughts to heaven above.

Hold thou each hand to keep it just,
Touch thou our lips to make them pure
If thou are with us, Lord we must
Be faithful friends and comrades sure.

We change, but Thou art still the same,
The same good Master, Teacher, Friend;
We change; but Lord, we hear Thy name
To journey with it to the end. AMEN.

Alma Mater

When we come to thee, dear Voorhees,
The school we love so well,
We will hail thee as a guiding light,
that ever shines afar.

In these halls of knowledge true,
each day we come to you,
Trying now to shape our future
with ideals good and true.

When we’ve finished our work with you,
We’ll leave these halls so true.
And we’ll strive each day to follow
your principles of true blue.

Alma Mater, dear old school,
we’ll raise aloud a sing,
For we love our dear old Voorhees,
The white and the true Blue.